Am I suffering from Geopathic Stress?

Am I suffering
from Geopathic Stress?

“There’s something not quite right about my house but I can’t seem to put my finger on exactly what it is”

Humans live at the vibration rate of 7.83 Hz
Bacteria and parasites live at the vibration rate of between 150 - 180 Hz
Strong Geopathic Stress can vibrate as high as 250 Hz


Cancer and Multiple Sclerosis

A German study investigated the number of cancer deaths in a town. In a 21 year period 28 cancer deaths occurred in just one house. This house stood above a cross of underground currents causing high Geopathic Stress. A second home had only two cancer deaths over the same period. This home was affected by two small underground currents but the deceased had their beds exactly above these lines. A third house had no cancer deaths in 21 years. There were no underground currents under this house.

Geopathic Stress in the bedroom seems to be common in people suffering from cancer and Multiple Sclerosis.


Chronic Ill Health and M.E.

If your health continues to deteriorate no matter what any specialist does then you can be fairly confident that Geopathic Stress is having a serious impact on you.


Infertility, miscarriages and babies

Geopathic Stress has been shown to be present and contributing to the problem of infertility and miscarriages.
Geopathic Stress will affect a baby’s ability to sleep. A baby will often move to the other end of their bed to avoid sleeping in Geopathic Stress.


Failure to respond to treatment

Most practitioners have a few clients that fail to get well after repeated treatments even though there’s no logical reason for this. Some clients even try different methods of treatment and still don’t respond. If you are such a person it’s a high probability that you’re suffering the effects of Geopathic Stress and its ability to negate therapeutic work.


Sleep problems/Tiredness

Disturbed sleep and waking not feeling rested are typical of people sleeping in a room suffering the effects of Geopathic Stress.


Depression/Anxiety/Lack of Motivation

Certain types of Geopathic Stress can initiate and exacerbate these conditions particularly if it’s located where you sleep or near your favourite chair.



A reduced exposure to Geopathic Stress will often increase tolerance to allergens.


Unhappy Home (Sick Building Syndrome)

Whole houses can suffer the effects of Geopathic Stress
1. Physically - cracks in walls and paths, ivy growing on walls, gnarled trees or twisting trunks of trees growing in a manner not typical of their species, damp, mould or frequently blowing light bulbs are all indicators.
2. Emotionally - Has the house never felt quite right? Has it never felt like ‘your home’? Have people got divorced or died or been seriously ill there? Is it built on an old hospital or burial site? Has the building been converted from its original purpose? Is it proving difficult to sell or changed ownership frequently? All of the above are attributable to a property suffering from Geopathic Stress.


Geopathic Stress in the Workplace (Sick Building Syndrome)

Geopathic Stress will affect business premises and that business’s employees. In 1995 the Inland Revenue demolished a 19 storey building where half the 2000 employees had frequently suffered from flu-like symptoms for over 5 years despite the use of biocides to counteract the proliferation of bacteria.

If your business suffers from high staff turnover with high rates of absenteeism and sickness, where staff are frequently ill and a feeling of lowered morale and general dissatisfaction looms then your premises and staff are probably suffering from the effects of Geopathic Stress.

Are there certain areas or desks where staff complain of headaches/migraines or other ill health effects? Specific rooms, offices, desks or seats can individually be suffering from Geopathic Stress whereas the ones next to them can be totally free from Geopathic Stress.



Some animals like Geopathic Stress. Cats, ants and wasps in particular like GS. If your cat likes your favourite chair or sleeping on your bed you really should get your house surveyed and cleared of Geopathic Stress. Others such as dogs, pigs, cattle and horses are like humans and are not happy in an area of Geopathic Stress. The exact area where your dog sleeps will almost certainly be free of Geopathic Stress.

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