Types of Geopathic Stress

Types of
Geopathic Stress

‘Geopathic Stress may be the cause of an existing illness although Geopathic Stress itself is not the illness’


Underground Water


i) can conduct the energy of Geopathic Stress if flowing through a Geopathic Stress contaminated area.
ii) can be stagnant, bad or ‘black’ in its own right.

Black Line

The most dangerous form of Geopathic Stress. It is sometimes called a cancer line. You will become ill if you sleep on this line.

Energy Drain and Switch

If properly functioning is the earth’s own mechanism for clearing bad energy. If blocked or switched off the bad energy can stagnate.

Curry Lines

A gridwork of natural electrically charged lines crossing the earth’s surface from NE to SW and SE to NW on average about 3 metres apart. Problems arise from single or double positives, or single or double negatives.

Hartman Lines

Another grid of natural electrically charged lines, this time N to S and E to W in direction, about 2 - 2½ metres apart with similar problems as Curry Lines.

Energy Lines

Have a distinct directional flow which can be turned negative/detrimental by natural and manmade occurancies.

Ley Lines

Generally considered being manmade of energetically charged stones or an alignment of sacred sites.


Come in pairs just metres apart. One has a suppressing/depressing giving nature; the other has an indecisive/spaced out nature.

Black Spots and Spots

A ½ - 1 metre round spot or cylinder of negative energy.


Seen in the peripheral vision - areas in a corridor or passageway where 'cloud-like-fog' dwells which is manmade stagnant energy.

Schumann Waves

Naturally occurring beneficial electro-magnetic waves, permanently present on earth. Can be blocked out by metal and concrete, hence it’s probable link with jet lag.

Elevator Energy

An energy column rising from the ground and reversing its direction back into the ground.

Psychic Phenomena

Some residual aspect of a person now deceased can attach itself to a property, person or place. Normally there is no malice intended, quite the opposite, but their presence does have a detrimental effect on the inhabitants' health.

GS Cocktail

Geopathic Stress energies don’t tend to cancel each other out. Generally a cocktail of various types of Geopathic Stress will exacerbate each other.

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